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All designed and handmade with utmost care.



Jalebi studio is a Noida, India Based Design studio, and in other words a byproduct of my quest of looking for independent art creative decor solutions and cute and elegant stationery. I have been inspired by multiple channels throughout the conception of the idea of a design studio that is eco-friendly, safe and consumer friendly space for people to interact with. 

At Jalebi studio we believe that Jalebi is a thought process, a way of life that you have to mix in a batter of patience, continuously stir till the pot of ideas is fermented to the brim, pour in a sieve of filter to get the thinnest possible stream of consciousness, which then is twisted and simmered in a boil of toil only to be dipped in a pitcher of sweet cuteness, which then you can of-course have a with a rabdi of your own artistic influence. 

Being a chef of your own art doesn't sound that bad hmm?

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